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Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword ToolWHAT is a Keyword?
A keyword is any word or short phrase that describes a website topic or page. - The more a keyword is used by searchers and websites the more attraction power it has.

Keyword Tool - DOES IT HELP?
If you want your website to attract searchers, you need to use strong keywords in your website titles and website text . These brief words should realistically identify and describe your site.

Keyword Tool is the world standard of webmaster research to test search words in use and to find new keyword suggestions.

HOW does Keyword Tool Work?
Type in a word or phrase, or website name. Tool will show you a list of similar keywords with a count of how often each word is searched. The competiton column shows words advertisers think have most value.

WHO uses Keyword Tool?
(1) Website owners use tool to test and find best keywords to increase their website showing up on Search Engine pages.

(2) Advertisers with AdWords are main users of this tool, testing keywords to bid on for top ad placement on search pages.

(3) Sites earning Google income with AdSense use tool to help focus page topics, then select ad choices and ad locations for ads allowed on their web site.

Newest Version: Google has offered different variations of this tool with different URL adresses including the old Search based Keyword Tool. Google recently combined all tools into one. This version replaces older versions. See also: Keyword Tool for Beginners and Keyword Video. Sumber :

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